Spring Washer Belt Wire Drawing Machine



High Speed Spring Washer Making Machine is mainly composed of automatic spring washer belt wire drawing machine, coiling machine, and cutting machine, using advanced technology, suitable for mild steel wire and stainless steel wire, compared to the traditional spring washer machine, has the characteristics of fast, accurate, easy to operate, safe, reliable quality, welcome customers to customize.

Main sized of Spring washer machine: M2-M3、M4-M5、M6-M8、M10-M12、M14-M16、M18-M20、M22-M27、M30-M48. We can provide a whole line to make a spring washer. The spring washer production line contains belt wire drawing machine, coil collection machine, coiling machine, cutting machine.

Features of spring washer belt wire drawing machine:
1.Large torque at low frequency, stable output;
2.High performance vector control;
3.Good energy saving effect;
4.Proportional linkage control with high precision;
5.With slip compensation function, high speed accuracy;
6.Keep tension constant and prevent thread breakage.

Main Specifications:


Spring Washer Belt Wire Drawing Machine

Belt wire drawing machine

Machine Videos:https://youtu.be/l–786aSZTU


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