Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine BM28-185



Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine BM28-185 has a reasonable and sturdy design structure, with large main power, low noise, low failure rate and easy adjustment. It has high thread precision and wide application range. It can roll various external threads, including ordinary threads, trapezoidal threads and modular threads. It can also form, roll, and roll the workpiece.

Main Specifications:

Process product diameter(mm)6-65
Thread rolling die diameter (mm)Φ75
Thread rolling die maximum width(mm)100
Thread rolling die outer diameter (mm)Φ170-Φ210
Max rolling force(KN)185
Spindle tilt angle±5°
Rolled thread lengthunlimited
Spindle transmission power(kw)11
Hydraulic transmission power(kw)4
Approx weight(kg)2000
Dimension (mm)1650x1550x1650

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine BM28-185 adopts worm gear, worm drive, automatic lubrication system, easy to operate, and has manual control, foot control, semi-automatic control and automatic control ,with the corresponding thread rolling wheel thread rolling die.With high production efficiency and low labor intensity, it can process various types of non-standard threads and standard parts (bolts,spokes,screws,rods) 

Functions and features:

Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine BM28-185 is mainly composed of the main body, power distribution box, hydraulic system, rolling system, exchange gear box, cooling system and electrical system.
1. Thread rolling machines are widely used in industrial production. Due to the plastic deformation processing method, the workpieces produced by cutting with iron filings have better performance and strength in all aspects.
2. Thread rolling machine is a steel bar processing machine widely used in the construction industry in recent years. It quickly and directly rolls the end of the steel bar at one time to cause cold hardening of the wire head, thereby improving the strength and making the steel wire head the same as the base material. It consists of a frame, clamping mechanism, feed carriage, reducer, thread rolling head, cooling system, and electrical system.
3. After quenching and finishing, the hardness of the rolling wheel can reach HRC48-60, with high precision, low friction and good accuracy retention;
4. Movement mechanism: The workbench is equipped with an automatic hydraulic locking device, with stable movement, high positioning accuracy and large load-bearing capacity;
5. Mechanism connection, double nut mechanism is used to eliminate transmission gap and ensure shifting accuracy;

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