High speed small screw thread rolling machine



High speed small screw thread rolling machine BR-3 is portable, flexible, high efficiency and has some irreplaceable advantages compared with similar equipment, avoid the limit of a lathe, drill or hand tapping, save time, labor, not easy to rotten teeth, screw tap not easy to break off.

Suitable for the production of various micro screws, small screws, electronic screws, mobile phone screws, glasses frame screws, etc.

High speed small screw thread rolling machine BR-3 is easy to operate, convenient for maintenance, which greatly decreases the technical requirements for workers.

Main Specifications:

Max.Blank DiameterΦ0.6-3mm
Max.Blank Length24mm
Moving Dies Stationary Length45x15x25mm
Main Motor Power0.75kw
Volume (LxWxH)900*700*1100mm

BR-3 micro screw thread rolling machine

BR-3 High speed small screw thread rolling machine Features:
• High speed, smooth sliding down of screws, convenient adjustment, flexible operation.
• Sliding blocks are made of high abrasion resistant material with intensified surface and are under sealed-type automatic lubrication.
• Quenching of over HRc58° on surface of screw bridge with roughness of Ra0.8 for smooth sliding down of screws.
• Perpendicular and parallel degree of die position is within 0.03mm.
• Main motor is equipped with stepless speed change device to allow speed adjustment without stopping the machine.
• Rolling bearings are used on rotating parts for durability and ease of servicing.
• Screw bridge is featured with vibration mechanism which is the most suitable for making small screws and odd-shaped screws.
• Stylish shape, compact structure.

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