High speed small screw heading machine BM-3



High speed small screw heading machine BM-3 is a high-precision heading machine, dedicated to the production of various small screws
High speed small screw heading machine BM-3 is suitable for all kinds of micro screws, small screws, electronic screws, mobile phone screws, glasses frame screws, etc.

Main Specifications:

Screw diameterΦ0.6-Φ3mm
Screw length1-24mm
Main dieΦ20x35mm
Punch die size18mm
Cutting die size13.5mm
Motor power0.75kw

High speed small screw heading machine BM-3 Features:

• High strength and abrasion resistant sliding guiding rails and to minimize abrasion and deformation of spare parts through more than two times of stress annealing.
• High speed, low noise, stable operation, compact structure.
• Double guiding rails to increase stability and repeatability precision
• Guiding rails are quenched or under intensification treatment on the surface.
• Sealed safety hood to reduce noise and increase safety in operation
• Adjustable cam double rollers design to increase stability and reduce impact.
• One way bearing materials feeding structure to prevent output of materials in wrong dimension.
• Selection of 3 speeds.
• Wedge-iron design in many moving parts for clearance adjusting to ensure movement precision.

BR-3 micro screw thread rolling machine

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