High speed phone screw heading machine BM-3



High speed phone screw heading machine BM-3 is mainly used to form the head of the tiny screw micro screw product. Its working principle is that the first punch is forged and the two punched blank is withdrawn. Various metal materials can be upset: ordinary steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel, and other materials, used for mobile phone screws, electrical screws,miniature screws, and other products.


ModelBM-3 (0# machine)
Screw diameterΦ0.6-Φ3mm
Screw length1-24mm
Main dieΦ20x35mm
Punch die size18mm
Cutting die size13.5mm
Motor power0.75kw
Machine weight710kg

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micro screw heading machine BM-3

Screw making machine

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