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High speed nail making machine


High speed nail making machine

High speed nail making machine is easy to operate and use, the nail making machine has small power, energy saving, reliable performance, quality standard, easy installation, easy operation and other characteristics to quickly open up the market. There are many product models and types, and the pursuit of excellence is endless. Among them, the waste steel bar nail making machine can be used to produce various specifications of ordinary nails, rivets, corrugated nails, double-cap nails, U-shaped nails, coil nails and other special-shaped nails. The equipment has high controllability and can produce round nails that meet the user’s standard. The texture is hard and not easy to deform.


Max Diameter(mm)654.
Min Diameter(mm)
Max Length(mm)250130100755025
Min Length(mm)80805030169

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nail maker machine

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