Hex flange nut tapping machine M10-M12



Hex flange nut tapping machine M10-M12is a kind of machining equipment that processes internal threads, screws or buckles on the inner side of the holes of various parts with through holes or blind holes of various specifications such as nuts and flanges;Our nut tapping machines are easy to use, automated and highly efficient.


Hex output(PCS/MIN)150130100
Flange output(PCS/MIN)11010080
Power of mine motor(KW)1.5-41.5-41.5-6
Mixing motor power (KW)0.550.550.55
Pump power(KW)
Demension L*W*H(mm)1500x1900x17501500x1900x17501500x1900x1750
Net weight(KG)116011601200

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1. The whole machine is controlled by PLC, and the tapping speed can be changed.
2. It is convenient to change the specifications of the tapping push rod, and the taps can be replaced independently by a single axis.
3. The cylinder with buffer is used to advance, and the induction switch is used to control the advance and retreat of the ejector rod, and it is easy to adjust the mold stroke.
4. If the operation is abnormal, the single axis can automatically stop and sound an alarm.
5. The vibrating plate can be selected according to customer requirements (suitable for non-standard or special-shaped parts).
6. It can tap standard nuts such as ordinary hexagon, flange, butterfly, and automobile tire nuts, and the thickness of the blanking track can be adjusted.

tapped nut sample

Nut tapping machine

tapping machine

nut thread machine


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