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Drywall screw making machine BHD5-60


1-Die 2-Blow Drywall screw making machine BHD5-60 is mainly used to form the head of the screw product. Its working principle is that the first punch is forged and the two punched blank is withdrawn. Various metal materials can be upset: ordinary steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, alloy steel, and other materials, used for ordinary self-tapping screws, electrical screws,self-drilling screws, fiberboard screws, and other products.


Max.Blank Diameter/mmφ3.0-5.0
Max.Blank Length/mm60
Max.Cut-off length/mm67
Capacity/ pcs/min110-140
Main Die Diameter/mmφ32x80
The Initial Punch Die Diameter/mmφ30x75
The Precise Punch Die Diameter/mmφ30x75
Cut-0ff Die Diameter/mmφ20x35
Cutter Size/mm10x35x72
Main Motor Power/kW4.0HP/3.0kW
Volume (LxWxH) /m2.30xl.08xl.25

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