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Drawing pin making machine


Thumb Tacks Drawing Pins Nail Automatic Assembly Machine

Thumb Tacks making machine

drawing pin making machine

Fully automatic drawing pin making machine:

1 person can operate at least 4 sets machines

Rated power: 9.5KW

Hydraulic parameters: 60T, hydraulic cylinder inner diameter 220mm

Input voltage: 380Vac 50Hz;

Machine size: 2.5m*1.5m*1.8m

Weight: around 1600kg

Attached part:

1. Equipped with machine molds, 16 lower molds and 4 upper molds;

2. 1 set of springs (vulnerable station);

3. 2 photoelectric switches for nail foot inspection;

4. 2 photoelectric switches for fabric inspection;

5. 16 thimbles for feeding and discharging (for changing the length of the nails);

Automatic Thumbtack round drawing pin nail assembly machine

assembly machine for metal round Pushpin nails

 Thumbtack Nails Assembly Machine

Video page:

Thumb Tacks Drawing Pins Nail Automatic Assembly Machine

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