Bolt Threading Machine BR6-70



Bolt Threading Machine BR6-70 adopts two thread profile thread rolling plate staggered 1/2 screw distance design, the dead plate is fixed, movable plate equal to the dead plate do straight-line motion back and forth, when the workpiece feed between two plates, movable plate move forward twist workpiece, make its surface plastic deformation into thread. Thread rolling machine is portable, flexible, high efficiency and has some irreplaceable advantages compared with similar equipment, avoid the limit of a lathe, drill or hand tapping, save time, labor, not easy to rotten teeth, screw tap not easy to break off. The machine is easy to operate, convenient for maintenance, which greatly decreases the technical requirements for workers.


Max.Blank Diameter/mmφ6.0
Max.Blank Length/mm70
Dies Size/mm120x25x70
Capacity/ pcs/min200-280
Main Motor Power/kW5.5kW
Demension(LxWxH) /m1.60x1.3x1.4

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thread roller

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Safe Operation Guide
1. Before starting the thread rolling machine/bolt thread roller, carefully check whether all parts are normal and whether the two thread rolling plates are balanced.
2. All protective devices on the machine tool should be in good condition and must not be dismantled arbitrarily.
3. Do not touch the running workpiece and the thread rolling plate with your hands during operation. Adjustment while driving is strictly prohibited.
4. Before stopping the thread rolling, the blank supply should be stopped first, and the power supply can be cut off when there is no blank between the two thread rolling plates.
5. If the machine is stopped due to a temporary power failure or other faults, and there is a blank between the thread rolling plates, it should be eliminated according to the prescribed method, and the driving should not be forced.

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