Bolt nut washer fastener assembly machine



Bolt nut washer fastener assembly machine is also known as the fasteners assenbly machine.

The customer provides a screw or bolt template to automatically combine the gasket (spring washer, flat washer) to the  nuts.

The screw spring washer and the flat washer are automatically combined together, and the applicable specifications are M2.5-M30mm

Support customization of different sizes

Technical characteristics of our assembly machine

Can be connected to CCD visual inspection

Connect to vibrating plate
PLC touch screen control system
Humanized design
Action when there is material, stop when there is no material

Advanced electronic and pneumatic components cooperate with each other
Reasonable design and simple maintenance
Small error and high efficiency
Fast, stable and accurate
Automated operation, quality assurance

Automatic bolt nut assembly machine

Video page:screw washer automatic assembly machine

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