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4 Stations Bolt Maker Machine BBF10B4S


4 Stations Bolt Maker Machine BBF10B4S,Multi Stations Bolt Forming Machine is one kind of specialized machine with high efficiency and automation among forging machinery. Automatic bolt forging machines are used for producing different kinds of bolts, screws, rivets,special parts in the field of fastener industry.

Products can be produced by 4 Stations Bolt Maker Machine BBF10B4S, Multi Stations Bolts Cold Forming Machine: Flange Bolts, Socket bolts,Hex Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Spring Center bolts, Hex Socket Cap Screws, Carriage bolts, solid rivets, square head set screws, truss head track bolts, U Bolts, Fin Neck Bolts, shoulder bolts, coil thread bolts, Structure Liner Bolts, extra long Bolts, Hub Bolts fetter drive screws, wheel bolts, T-head bolts, eye bolts, shackle bolts, track bolts, wheel bolts, auto fasteners,etc.


Forging Power(T)4040
Max cut-off dia(MM)88
Max cut-off Length(MM)
K.O Stroke6090
P.K.O Stroke1320
Cut-off Die Dia.(mm)φ28*46φ28*46
Main Die Dia. (mm)φ50*65φ50*105
Punch Die Dia. (mm)φ40*80φ40*110
Die Pitch (mm)6060
Main Slider Stroke (mm)120150
Applicable Bolt Size (mm)M6M6
Bolt Length (mm)12-5016-75
Maximum output (pcs/min)200200
Main Motor (kw)1111
Approx. weight (T)89

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